Misleading Backlinks Checking Tools

The main principle of making money on line is traffic. Let’s say you have a super converting product and super touching content, but if you don’t have traffic all your efforts are useless. Targeted traffic is what you need in order to make money online. Search Engines are the most powerful methods to generate quality traffic to your website. If you target getting free traffic from Google you need to build the back links to your site in order to make your site ranked higher by the SEOs. Promoting your internet based home business the webmasters work hard on getting the incoming links. The more inbound links your site has the more chances you have to get free traffic to your web site.

As the webmasters work hard on building the backlinks to their website, they would love to know how many backlinks a website already has. More than that everybody would like to know how many backlinks he needs in order to get the highest Google page rank and to be listed in its search results. There are a lot of backlinks checking tools available in the internet though no all of them can guarantee you the accurate number of the backlinks for the certain webpage. If you check the backlinks for the same site using different backlinks checking tools, the results will not be the same. 구글광고대행

For example Google and Yahoo use different backlink checking algorithms and also rate the web pages with different formulas. Thus you cannot use Yahoo checking tool in order to know your page rank in Google. More than that, Google announced that it doesn’t reveal the real number of the backlinks for the web pages on purpose in order to avoid the situation when webmasters could know how many backlinks their competitors have and try to outnumber them.

Internet marketing and making money on line becomes more and more sophisticated and demands many efforts for reaching the wished results. Thus it is useless rely on the backlink checking tools as they are misleading and give the random information each time you check your website’s backlinks there. Even if you are using different tools for checking your backlinks progress, it is helpless to use them for comparing the number of your backlinks with the results of your competitors. The problem is that each Search Engine uses different and secret methods for rating the web pages and does its best not to disclose it.

The situation sounds helpless, as you have to work a lot in order to generate backlinks without any opportunity to know how many of them you already have and how many you need in total. The best solution in this situation is never stop building the backlinks to your site giving more exposure of your internet based home business in the virtual world. Make it regularly, naturally increasing the number of the backlinks to your web pages and your patience and hard work will be praised.