How to Date Women Without the Use of Money, Plastic Surgery, Or Pick Up Lines

If it’s all about dating women, believe it or not, most guys don’t know what to do. Most men conjure the oddest and weirdest ways to get to a girl, and at times, they make matters more complicated when all they had to do was to change a few things about themselves, lessen a few of their cheesy pick up line use, and face the fact that women do not like desperate guys. Most guys don’t know how to date women the right way at all but they think they do. Unfortunately, they tend to make more mistakes than hitting the mark. คลิปหลุด

If you think money, shiny cars, and mansions attract decent girls, the truth is, you’re only attracting gold diggers. Women have jobs now, they know where and how to find their own money. If you want to know how to date women, you will have to consider the facts that women have become as competitive as men and they too can avail of owning their own shiny cars and mansions. If you want a decent girl, then turn to decent tactics.

Men often forget the basics when dating women. It’s not often just about cash or cars; it’s mostly about confidence and trust in oneself. The essential of winning a girl is by being confident and determined. Confidence is key and if you portray a lot of that, women will most definitely get attracted to you.

When you walk into a room full of women, as well as men, do not slouch when you walk and stand upright. It will give everyone the message that you should be taken seriously because you know what you’re doing. Do not stutter when you speak, and try to lessen your distracting mannerisms as much as possible. Show your confidence by staying poised at all times and try to refrain from doing any clumsy acts.

When you find yourself surrounded by women at one point, do not flirt in the most obvious ways. This is done by refraining from saying pick up lines, and if you must compliment someone, do this in a way Shakespeare would approve. Be watchful of your words, or you’ll get ignored if you don’t. Instead of inviting a woman to your place right away on your first meet, offer her a drink instead. It’s one of the kindest ways to get a woman’s attention. If you’re in another location and in another situation, showing little signs of chivalry can mean a lot to the woman. Being the “knight in shining armor” can win women’s hearts easier than by being the “bad boy of the block.”

If you want to make an impression among women, try to be very interesting and mysterious in your conversations. Read books, the current news, as well as the most recent affairs to stock up on what you know. Sometimes, words can attract her and if you know how to tell intriguing stories, she will most likely stay to listen to you.